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EMORC Championships

In order to qualify for the EMORC Annual Championships you must satisfy the following 2 criteria:-

1) EMORC Membership

The Championship year runs from 1st June to 31st May. To gain points for the Championship you need to be a full member of EMORC - membership cards will be asked for when you sign on to compete at each event. Any events you compete in whilst you are not a member will not be entered into the Championship Table. If you re-join after 30th June then any events, up to the date you re-join, will not be entered into the Championship.

2) Qualifying Asterisk

To be eligible for a Championship Trophy you must gain an Asterisk (15 Points). To do this you must, in that championship year, at a Championship event, either:

  • Assist in the setting out of the event (5 points)
  • Hold the position of Clerk of Course (5 points)
  • Hold the position of Marshall (5 points)

On three separate occasions, receiving 5 points on each occasion.

Therefore to gain an asterisk requires 15 points:  THREE  x 5 points.

If you compete in Trials and Comp Safaris then you only need to gain one asterisk, as this will qualify you for both Championships. The Committee reserves the right to review the asterisk requirement depending upon circumstances.

Please note it is Very important that YOU complete the necessary paperwork if YOU officiate at an event, as the score keepers are Not Mind Readers and it is the only way YOU will receive your points.

Ensure when setting out that you record your name on the back of the events score sheet. Clerk of the Course and Marshalls are required to sign on the back of the events score sheet and the MSA Officials Signing on Sheet on the day of the event.



Competitive safari
Overall Winner

1st - 2nd - 3rd in class


Trials RTV
Overall Winner
CCV Overall Winner
Ladies Overall Winner
Showroom Class Overall winner
    CCV - 1st - 2nd - 3rd in class
RTV Class 1 - 1st - 2nd - 3rd in class
RTV Class 2 - 1st - 2nd - 3rd in class
RTV Class 3 - 1st - 2nd - 3rd in class


Combined Marshalling and C of C Championship Award to be given each year based on the most points gained for officiating at events.


Competitors can only qualify for one trophy at any single event. Overall Winner on the day, according to the number of entries in each Class, the following trophies are awarded:

 1 or 2 entries ..…....................1 Trophy
   3 or 4 entries ........................ 2 Trophies
   5 or more entries ...................3 Trophies