Showroom Class Trial Training
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These are non-damaging events over mild terrain.

  • Drivers must have a valid driving license, although the Event SR permits drivers aged 15 or over to compete however,
  • they must be members of EMORC or an invited off road club, MSA affiliated
  • they can only drive on the sections prepared for the Showroom Class Trial
  • they must have a passenger alongside who has a full driving license, be a club member and is experienced in off road driving events.
  • More than one passenger may be in the vehicle, they must all be in forward facing seats and wearing seatbelts. The minimum age of the front passenger is 14, the minimum age for rear seat passengers is 2, children aged 4 and under must be in an approved child seat.
  • Passengers under 16 do not need to sign on, however a letter from their parents or guardian is required and must be handed in at the signing on point this will be retained by the organisers.
  • Full SR's for the event can be requested from the Competition Secretary.