Supplementary Regulations
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EMORC Supplementary Regulations for Cross Country & Road Taxed Vehicle Trials

East Midlands off Road Club’s (EMORC) meeting will be held under the General Regulations of the Motor Sports Association (incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting Code of the FIA) and these supplementary regulations.

EMORC will organise the permit for:



C of C


Entry Free


CCV / RTV Trails



The status of the event will be: Untimed Trials

The event is open to all full members of East Midlands off Road Club and any invited MSA affiliated club

Results from this meeting may be used to correlate league tables for the club’s annual championships.

All drivers must produce a valid EMORC competitor’s membership card and full driving license. Full membership cards of the invited club members must be produced along with a full driving license.  All passengers must produce a valid club membership card

For those 17 years of age and older that do not hold a full drivers licence they must have passenger who holds a license and is experienced in Cross Country Trials.

All competitors and officials will be signed on.

The entry list for the meeting will open one calendar month before the event and close on the day.

All vehicles and competitors will be checked for eligibility before the start of the event.   

The Trials Championships will comprise of four vehicle classifications:                  

                              CLASS 1              50” up to 85" wheelbase
                              CLASS 2              85" up to 94" wheelbase
                              CLASS 3              94” and over
                              CLASS 4              all CCV

The maximum entry for each event is 50 the minimum is 2. The organisers reserve the right to amalgamate classes as necessary on the day, and details will be advised at the Competitors Brief

Awards will be posted for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each class of 5 or more, smaller classes will be awarded pro-rata. All results will be displayed after correlation on the day of the event or as soon as practicable. Any disputes should be brought to the attention of the Clerk of Course not later than half an hour after the posting of the results after which time the results will become final. Any protest must be lodged in accordance with the MSA Blue Book C5.2.1.

 Scrutineering opens at 8.15am and closes at 9.45am. Start time 10am unless otherwise stated.

Vehicles will be presented in a clean condition.

Marking and penalties will be described in the appropriate section of the MSA General Regulations.

No practicing is allowed, all courses may be walked prior to competition.

Drivers must follow the instructions of the Marshal.

Penalty for ignoring marshals instructions:  Exclusion.

Points may be awarded for wilfully cutting the course, striking markers. Details of penalties will be given at drivers briefing. Penalties will be judged by the marshals who are deemed to be judges of fact.

Any repair work carried out to any vehicle on site must be done in a manner to ensure that no liquids or metallic parts are deposited on the ground. A suitable service sheet must be used and any waste liquids contained in suitable containers. All waste liquids must be disposed of correctly.

Penalty for depositing waste on the ground: Exclusion

There is no requirement for competitors to display competition numbers.

Competitors should attempt to negotiate Observed Sections without stopping.

Vehicles with a wheelbase of 94” and over are allowed one `shunt’ per section. 

A Tow rope suitable for purpose must be carried (min dia 25mm with spliced ends and about 4.5m long)  (no shackles, chain or wire rope).

Front and rear recovery points (hook or tow ball type only)

Spare wheels do not have to be carried.

All vehicles to carry a minimum 1.75 litres AFFF fire extinguisher accessibly mounted.

All vehicles shall carry a MSA spec spill kit.

Full details can be found in the current edition of the MSA British Motor Sport Yearbook.