[Clerk of Course]

The basic idea…

… is to drive an off road course, set out with bamboo canes without stopping. Sounds easy enough doesn't it?

EMORC trials consist of a number of sections. Each section is laid out with 12 pairs of numbered canes (gates) over awkward terrain, and it is these that determine a competitor's score. You start by driving through the 12 gate and progress to 11, 10, 9 and so on, keeping the numbered cane top on your right hand side.


To achieve a 'zero' or 'clear', a competitor must successfully negotiate the course without stopping, without touching any of the canes, and without deviating from the section.

If any part of a vehicle touches a cane, the competitors score for that section is the number on that cane. As soon as one cane is touched, the driver ceases to compete on that section. The driver may still attempt to finish the section but the score remains the number on the first cane touched.

If a vehicle stops on a section, the score given is that on the first set of canes not to be reached. If one front hub of a vehicle passes a line between a pair of canes, the whole vehicle is deemed to have passed it, unless the vehicle actually touches that cane.

The rules

Competing vehicles are also required to stay within the confines of the section. You may not drive more than 1 times the vehicle width off the normal driving line. To enforce this rule, any vehicle straying off the section, will qualify for the score of the cane which it is approaching. At no time should all four wheels of the competing vehicle cross the boundary of the course.

Vehicles with a wheelbase of 94 inches or more may be eligible for one 'shunt' on each section. Vehicles taking a shunt must still observe the rules regarding straying from the section. You MUST shout “Shunt” loud and clear before your vehicle stops. You may then reverse and take a different line. Typically a shunt would be used when a corner is too tight for a longer vehicle that a shorter vehicle would be able to make. You cannot use a shunt to retry a difficult obstacle.

Drivers and passengers must wear a seatbelt. Smoking whilst on the section is banned.

The Clerk of Course has the final say in any dispute after considering all the available evidence & eye witness reports. Safety is paramount, the Clerk of Course & Marshall's directions must be followed at all times